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  • Since the beginning of the millennium and the influence of the digital age HADAIKAN started the assimilation of a brand new production and management system.
    Nowadays communication with our clients is carried out through our computerized system, from initial contact to presentations of their desired product. Our production process is also carried out using our high-tech manufacturing system.
    HADAIKAN clients can get an exact 3D model
     of their ordered part by E-mail shortly after the order process is finalized.
    All of our products are photographed by a digital camera and loaded into a database.
    The photos are an important part of the product’s "Personal File".


     The production process starts with the product’s drawings. Our highly sophisticated production system creates the product drawings by first constructing a 3D model based on true measurements and size. After the 3D model construction is complete the product drawings are generated automatically. At that level of the production the computerized drawings and 3D model are sent to the costumer by E-mail, fax or currier for approval. The next step in the production process is the manufacturing. The manufacturing process is calculated by the same production system using the 3D model earlier designed. After the calculation of the manufacturing process is done the computer sends the code to the production hall straight to the machine. Obviously the machines are supervised by a highly trained employee until the manufacturing of the product is complete. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS All of HADAIKAN’s final products are photographed and loaded into a database. The photos are edited for a good clear view of the part. There are many uses for this kind of photos: - HADAIKAN’s web pages which are always synchronized with the photographs. - Customers Presentations - Product’s Profile

    The above mentioned tools allow us to create presentations for our customers. Combining the 2 elements of 3D model & drawings with actual photo of the finalized product Projects a high perspective of the ordered product. The presentation Combine 3D animation of several views, by that the engineers can get a better look at the products for high details.

    This is drawing of on of our products, created by our system.
    This is the 3D Model for the same product in sample 1.0 Sample 1.1 Sample